Thursday, July 1, 2010


His sky blue eyes twinkled like stars in the night. That little dimple pinched in his cheeks as his joker's smile stretched across his lips. His hands quickly and efficiently switched his day clothes for jammies, dark blue fleece - his favorite. As he bounced into bed, those toothpick arms reached out still wanting a hug and a goodnight kiss.
Too soon this sweet child will trade in the tiny toy cars for keys to ours. Tucking him in will transpire into waiting up for his safe return home. Tonight I savoured the moment and soaked in all of what was before me. I've branded with words the image.
Moments before we were snuggled together on the worn blue sofa. The Where's Waldo book was spread open across our laps as we giggled about the characters and the silly things they were doing. He mentioned that the book needed to be returned to the school library. I wiped away a silent tear that threatened to ruin this moment with him.
Time has too quickly transformed yesterday's sweet new baby into a curious child learning how the world turns. I can only imagine what new ideas will plant their seeds in his hear before morning. I hope when we wake he will still be small enough to hold my hand. I hope he will still look for me in the crowd. I wonder if his favorite colour will still be blue.

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  1. Gorgeous. I love the way you write and am so happy you're doing this!